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We empower you to resolve life issues and flourish.



Psychometric evaluation and reporting services. We assess for aptitude, clinical diagnosis, IQ, personality traits, values, career interests and more.



We provide evidence-based psychological treatments like CBT, ACT, EFT, EMDR, PPT, SFBT for individuals, couples and families.



We offer specialised programs including anger management, EAPs, mindfulness, positive wellbeing, and work development.

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"We help individuals thrive and flourish."

Hello, thanks for taking the time to hear our story..

I’m Bulent Ada, Consultant Psychologist and Director of Life Psychologists – a private psychology practice that grew out of a desire to provide my local community in Western Sydney with excellence in psychological therapy & support

From this beginning in 2011 grew our highly experienced team of Life Psychologists.  Each therapist has a deep passion for helping people struggles less – by overcoming emotional issues – and live more – by improving their mental wellbeing.  

Our paths are unique but our journey is the same. We believe in a better, healthier and more engaged society. By improving the overall wellbeing of each individual, we help them thrive and flourish in a better world.

Working collaboratively with you in a safe space, and using the latest evidenced psychology interventions, we look forward to make that happen.

Live well, 

bulent ada
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