A Medico-legal report is a form of communication between a health practitioner and the legal system conveying relevant information dependent upon the purpose of the matter to be heard.

Medico-legal reports are often based upon expert opinion and can include interview and psychometric testing dependent upon the specific requirements.

Medico-Legal assessment


Medico-legal or psycho-legal reports frequently form the basis of expert evidence in a court or other tribunal. They may be requested by a legal adviser or another party to assess psychological injuries or impairment, recommended treatment, and estimates of costs.

These reports include background information and psychological history, treatment provided, and expert opinion on treatment options, likely prognosis, and likely need for further assessments.

Reports can be provided to meet the protocols of Workcover/SIRA, workplace applications, Victims of Crime Referral and Assistance Tribunal, DHS, Medicare, and the Legal system. Reports can address specific concerns that you may have and generally include:

  • History
  • Presenting problems
  • Factors contributing to presenting problems such as:
  • Coping style
  • Unhelpful thoughts
  • The appropriateness of current treatment(s)
  • Responses of significant others
  • Any perceived barriers to recovery and/or return to work
  • Impression and diagnosis according to criteria outlined in DSM-V, and
  • Recommendations.

Medico-legal psychological assessments of clients are often used as expert evidence in a range of cases including:

  •   General court psychological reports
  •   Department of Human Services (DHS)  applications e.g. disability pension, visa, 
  •   Family and Child Law
  •   Assessment of Mental Capacity
  •   Personal injury claims
  •   Assessment of non-pathological criminal capacity
    •   Offender treatment reports
    •   Risk assessments for general, violent and sexual offenders


Medico-Legal assessment and reports are charged at the APS recommended hourly rate (plus GST).

This usually includes a minimum of three sessions, each session is one hour in duration.  During these sessions, your Psychologist will conduct:

  • Session 1: a face-to-face interview
  • Session 2: administration of specific psychometric questionnaires
  • Session 3: review any related documents and correspondence 
  • Report: A comprehensive report is subsequently written.

The whole process is usually conducted over 4-6 weeks.  If the matter requires a shorter timeframe please let us know as alternative options may be discussed. 

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