Following is an outline of currently available treatment programs at LIFE Psychology tailored to adults aged 18 years and older.

Anger Management Program

Anger management

This program is especially designed for adults wanting to learn techniques to let go of anger by dealing with the causes and associated thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in a more effective way. The program aims to reduce the power anger has over your life by providing important skills for letting go of the struggle with anger and enabling you to gain control over your life.

Program Duration: 12-18 sessions
Delivery format:
 Individual or Group.

Panic Surfing – Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia Treatment Program:

Panic Surfing

This program is for adults who suffer from panic attacks and avoid different situations due to their fear of panic. The program provides suitable skills and strategies to manage these issues and improve quality of life.

Program Duration: 12-18 sessions
Delivery format: Individual. Groups are also offered when there is sufficient demand.

Social Phobia Treatment Program:

Social Phobia Treatment ProgramThis program is for adults experiencing social anxiety – a fear of being embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. This can include adults who are chronically shy, unable to speak up or socialise without anxiety or those with a paralysing fear of public speaking. This program looks to challenge the thinking and behaviour that contributes to Social Phobia.

Program Duration: 12-18 sessions
Delivery format: Group or individual.

Positive Psychotherapy Program:

positive psychologyThis program is for adults who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing using this new and exciting dimension of psychology which helps individuals:

  • Identify their strengths
  • Utilise their strengths to gain greater life satisfaction and make their lives more fulfilling
  • Use interventions to help them let go of unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours to make them happier

The unique Positive Psychotherapy Program at LIFE is an individualised course of up to 14 sessions where we apply the latest tools and techniques from positive psychology and cognitive behaviour therapy to help improve your mental health and reach your full potential.

Program Duration: 10-14 sessions
Delivery format: Individual.


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