At LIFE we provide vocational assessments for individuals, employers, insurers, and workplace rehabilitation providers.

A vocational assessment is used to analyse an individual’s transferable skills and experience, work interests, and determine suitable job options based on the current labour market, and the individual’s physical and psychological capability.

How Can Vocational Assessments Help?

vocational assessmentA vocational assessment can help individuals:

  • Return to work – injured workers looking to return to the workforce
  • Recruitment and job placement – to determine best fit for placements
  • Careers – professional assessment and recommendations for people unsure of their next career move.

What is involved in a Vocational Assessment?

  • Face to face interview – The interview is aimed at collecting relevant information, such as employment background, skills and experience, career path, n and current circumstances. The goal is to place the assessment within the most accurate personal context that reflects not only vocational information, but you as a whole person.
  • Psychological screening – The psychological screening, when appropriate, is utilised as a clinical measure to evaluate emotional functioning, strengths and barriers to employment.
  • Personality assessment – A review of work-related personality characteristics (e.g. conscientiousness, openness, integrity), that are directly relevant for career choices.
  • Ability/aptitude testing – This component aims to identify cognitive, intellectual and academic strengths and weaknesses. This may include general verbal and non-verbal abilities, reading, and arithmetic skills, or specific areas such as clerical checking ability, mechanical skills, computer skills etc.
  • Vocational test battery – We use vocational tests that were specifically developed and normed for the Australian population. The test battery consists of tests that assess preferences for different work aspects (such as creativity, independence, self-development…etc.) and vocational interest areas (such as science, managerial,clerical…etc.).
  • Report – Our written reports are sent to you by registered mail, within two weeks of the assessment date. Immediate reports may be provided in special circumstances. These are prepared and mailed within two days of the assessment (Note: extra charge applies).

Fee Structure

The standard fee for an individual assessment that involves a two-hour interview, psychological screening, personality assessment, ability testing, a battery of vocational tests, labour market review and full report is $980 (incl. GST). Please enquire within for customised assessments and reporting.

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