Given the omnipresence and ease of use of computers today for various forms of professional and personal interactions, LIFE Psychology & Counselling extends its services to the community through Online Psychological Services. Online psychotherapy can be just as effective as face-to-face consultations for many mental health problems. See Media Release by the Australian Psychological Society.

Online psychotherapy/consultation does not involve actual face-to-face contact, so you do not have to physically visit the psychologist’s office. It refers to real-time interaction between the client and the psychologist, using chat-based platforms. It could also involve emails, telephone conversations and text messaging using mobile phone technology.

online therapy skypeLIFE’s online psychology practice is based on the same psychological principles as regular psychotherapy. Therefore, the objectives of psychotherapy and the techniques used to achieve those objectives will be the same as if the client were to see the psychologist in the office.

On the other hand, since the client will not be in physical proximity to the psychologist, there are some important caveats and conditions attached to this service. These special conditions will ensure that you get the best care possible given the nature of the interaction while protecting both psychologist and client from difficult situations that could arise due to the absence of physical proximity.

A written explanation of conditions will be provided to clients who seek and are deemed suitable for online services. This will include information on appointments, technology, protection of personal information and management of emergency situations. Please note that online psychotherapy may not be feasible for all clients and/or mental health issues and the psychologist will assess suitability before offering this service.


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