What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a process that is designed to bridge the gap between where you currently are in life, to the level you really want to be playing at.

Just like anything in life that you want to improve, hiring the help of a professional is often the fastest and most effective way to get results.  If you wanted to be the best you can be at playing sport, you would hire a coach.  Professional athletes invest in a coach to challenge, support, stretch, and bring out the best in them.  The more they train, the fitter they become.

The process of Life Coaching is very similar.  The more you practice, the fitter your mind becomes, and as a consequence your world begins to take on the shape that you truly desire.  When you address the fundamental aspects of what it is that has held you back in life at the root cause, change occurs on every level.

Whether the changes you seek involve your career, your relationships, your health or general personal satisfaction, having a skilled expert on your team can make all the difference.

Our approach

At LIFE Psychology & Counselling, our life coaches are fully registered psychologists with over 5 years experience in coaching psychology. We rely on evidence-based research, real world applications, and strictly abide by a professional code of ethics.

life coachAs psychologists and life coaches we provide the techniques and attitudes that can change your life, whilst identifying and treating (if appropriate) any psychological issues that may be sabotaging your progress.

The first step is a comprehensive assessment to determine where you currently sit in all of the important aspects of your life.

Your life coach will work with you to clarify exactly where you are now, and where you want to go, in order to create short- and long-term SMART goals with you.

The next step is to then define action steps in order to start you moving forward as soon as possible.

A concept that is very important in coaching is action. All the planning and discussion in the world will not move you towards your goals, if you don’t take deliberate action in the right direction. Our life coaches help you to actually complete those actions, holding you accountable to your own goals and promises.

Millions of people around the world are living extraordinary lives through the help of their dedicated life coach. Your coach will guide, support and challenge you throughout your journey and keep you on track to create your transformational change, and empower you to reach a level of ultimate fulfilment.

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