Our practice provides formal vocational assessment services aimed at identifying an individual’s capacity to earn in the open labour market following an injury.

This process involves the following:

  • Structured interview to gain relevant background information, including injury history, treatment and recovery progress, as well as, to determine the individual’s current status, abilities and interests
  • Psychometric testing, including cognitive aptitude and ability testing and tests of psychological functioning (when appropriate)
  • Detailed examination of education and employment history
  • Identification of transferable skills gained from employment and interests
  • Discussion regarding suitability of identified vocational options (when appropriate)
  • Review of relevant background information provided, including medical information, to obtain an objective assessment of the individual’s physical and/or psychological capacity in respect to work
  • Provision of a detailed report regarding the individual’s capacity to earn on the open labour market including award, average and market wage rates for cognitively and physically suitable occupations identified
  • Job match involving detailed labour market analysis and research specific to the individual’s geographical area

All medico-legal assessment reports include a Summary Report that provides a synopsis of the assessment, suitable occupations generated, any barriers identified, wage rates and the overall assessment conclusion.

When required, a functional assessment (completed by an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist) can be provided to obtain an objective assessment of an individual’s current physical/functional abilities in relation to work.

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