LIFE provides tailored services to assist individuals with identifying appropriate vocational options to pursue and to identify career goals. Career coaching or vocational counselling is offered for both students who need assistance with navigating a career path, and adults who want a career change and need direction. career coaching Career coaching involves the following:

  • Semi-structured interview to identify the individual’s current status, interests and abilities
  • Aptitude and interest testing
  • Motivational interviewing to foster engagement in identifying and pursuing career goals
  • Counselling support to assist with problem solving to overcome any known barriers to achieving the identified goals
  • Resume development or review
  • Job interview training


Step 1 – Online Career Assessment

In this program, we start by assessing your interests, values and personality to identify the careers, industries and work environment that best suit you. Your career assessment includes the following two profilers: a) Vocational Interests Survey The Vocational Interests Survey assesses your interest in a variety of activities, industries and occupations to determine the careers and areas of study you are most likely to enjoy. It is based on over 5 years of research and contains an extensive database of more than 500 careers and courses. Duration: Approx 20 minutes b) Personality Type Profiler The Personality Type Profiler is based on Carl Jung’s Theory of Type as well as the Five Factor model of personality. It identifies both a 4-letter Jungian type and a 5th element for stress while offering 18 sub-facets that describe the unique personality of each individual. It assesses four aspects of your personality based on the following five areas:

  • Where you focus your energy (Extraverting vs Introverting)
  • How you gather information (Sensing vs iNtuiting)
  • How you make decisions (Thinking vs Feeling)
  • How you approach life (organiZing vs Adapting)
  • How you respond to stress (Tense vs Calm)

Duration: Approx 25-30 minutes

Step 2 – Career Consultation (Face-to-Face or Phone)

Once you have taken the two assessments online, your Career Coach will prepare detailed information for you on your career options. During your consultation, they will go through your results and give you advice on your career, course and employment options. During your consultation, you will:

  • Discover the careers that best suit your interests, values and personality;
  • Explore your career options and get help identifying the career that best suits you;
  • Learn about your course options at TAFE, college and/or university;
  • Get advice on any careers and courses you are currently considering;
  • Get feedback on your resume and advice on how to tailor it for different positions; and
  • Develop an action plan to help you on your path to a fulfilling career.

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