LIFE Pain Management Program

Pain affects all of us at some time, and most of us are afraid of it. Ask most people what they fear most about an illness and the answer is, invariably, being in pain.

The psychologists at LIFE believe that pain has physical and emotional components and the two are intricately related. All too often a patient who is referred to a psychologist for pain management would become defensive believing that such referral indicates that they are not being taken seriously, that doctors think “it is all in my head”.

The reality is that pain, like pleasure, is always in our head, because the brain is the processor of all impulses that come from the periphery of the body through its vast network of spiderweb like tentacles of peripheral nerves.

Pain Management Counselling and Therapy may assist in modifying the perception of these pain stimuli and, therefore, modify perception of pain.

We provide treatments for pain associated with:

  • traumatic injuries
  • chronic pain
  • back injuries
  • headaches
  • migraines

How We Can Help With Treating Pain

The LIFE Pain Management Counselling Program provided in our clinic are individual as well as group-based programs and consist of a combination of:

  • psychological counselling
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • relaxation and meditation techniques
  • clinical hypnotherapy

Our service teaches patients active strategies to better manage their pain and hence improve their physical, vocational and psychological function. Typically program participants are subjectively happier, are less dependent on healthcare services, less reliant on medication, and are able to return to work.

Program Duration: Usually 6-12 sessions (tailored to individual depending on their circumstances)

Expected Outcomes

Pain management intervention improves an individual’s quality of life and their work and personal relationships. For injured workers, it may also help address pain-related barriers and improve their ability to return to work.

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