Happier at work

9 Simplest Ways to Be Happier at Work

The happiest–and most productive–people focus more on what they do, not on what they have. Here’s are simple tips to be happier at work. Many people think happiness, both professional and personal, is based on having a bigger house, nicer car, larger income. It’s all about better, faster, higher, more. Yet the happiest people I know…

healthy workplace

Alliance to help create mentally healthy workplaces

The National Mental Health Commission has today launched a landmark Alliance to help create Australian workplaces that are mentally healthy. The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance is a collaborative partnership between business, the mental health sector and government. The Alliance is providing the business sector with practical guidance about mental health designed to drive sustainable changes…


Happiness: What do the really smart people at Harvard University say about it?

What makes us happy? The famous Grant Study, which followed 268 Harvard sophomore men for more than seven decades since 1938, reveals the long sought-after secrets to happiness. This unprecedented study measured and recorded just about everything, including physical and psychological fitness, family background, career development, marriages and divorces, and the famously all-important “hanging length…

Improve your relationship

Improve your relationship in just 21 minutes!

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought you might find these new research findings interesting to help improve your relationship… Study shows how minimal intervention can preserve marital quality over time. EVANSTON, Ill. — Marital satisfaction — so critical to health and happiness – generally declines over time. A brief writing intervention that…

Work Stress

Physical and Psychological Stress Costs Australians $30 Billion a Year

Safe Work Australia published a new report which shows that physical and psychological stress costs Australians more than $30 billion a year or half the total cost of workplace injury. According to the report, the total cost of work-related injury and diseases can now be assessed at $60.6 billion a year, despite the country’s recording of its lowest number of work-related mortalities since 2003 to 2004.