What is ATAPS?

The ATAPS (Access to Allied Psychological Services) program enables GP’s across western Sydney to refer financially disadvantaged or hard to reach patients to an ATAPS provider, who may not have their needs met via Medicare subsidised services, at no cost.

Through ATAPS, patients are eligible for 12 sessions per calendar year. A mental health review is undertaken by the referring GP every 6 sessions. Under exceptional circumstances, the patient may require an additional 6 sessions (maximum of 18 sessions per year). Sessions can be individual and/or group therapy sessions.

The Western Sydney ATAPS program has been confirmed by the Department of Health until 30th June, 2016.

Please note that patients cannot be referred for treatment through the Medicare (Better Access) initiative and ATAPS at the same time or in the same calendar year unless their individual circumstances have changed.

Who is eligible?

Patients who:

  • Are low income earners (e.g. pensioners and health care card recipients) and would benefit from psychological and counselling services, and:
  • Children aged 0-12 years (must be accompanied by their parents or guardians)
  • Women experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety
  • People at risk of suicide
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

The services are geared to clients with mild to moderate mental illness. Excluded conditions include a primary diagnosis of a personality disorder, severe autism, or patients experiencing acute psychotic or manic symptoms.

To find out the eligible areas within the Western Sydney SLA and borders: http://www.wentwest.com.au/images/docs/western_sydney_postcodes.pdf

ATAPS Providers

Currently accredited psychologists at our clinic that are able to provide services under ATAPS within the Western Sydney are:

If you would like to receive ATAPS services at our clinic and meet the eligibility please ensure you provide your practitioner details as the preferred allied health provider.

Next Steps

Further details about the ATAPS program, including a referral form and Mental Health Treatment Plan, can be found on the WentWest website: www.wentwest.com.au/ataps.

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