Are you afraid of leaving your house?

AgoraphobiaAre you often apprehensive about going out? Are you fearful of crowds? Do you cringe in anticipation of settings you can’t fully control? Then you may have Agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder which is sometimes referred to as having uncontrollable fear of open spaces.

This compulsive fear can be extremely inhibitive, and patients suffering from it tend to develop avoidance of trivial scenarios such as going out shopping or attending a public show.

Agoraphobia is usually grounded on a persistent worry about either having panic attacks or experiencing loss of control in public. Whichever the case, the actual diagnosis and treatment will vary.

Treatments for Agoraphobia

The most effective treatments for Agoraphobia are CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) and pharmaceutical treatments, both of which have proven more effective when combined. In most circumstance, anxiety medications are best used as a last option for extreme scenarios of anxiety. You don’t really need pharmaceuticals to overcome this problem, and the little benefits they may provide will likely be offset by the possibility of experiencing unwanted side effects.

According to recent studies undertaken at Oxford University and University of Pennsylvania, the effectiveness of CBT alone in the treatment of Agoraphobia over 20-25 sessions is 85% to 90%. Not only that, but follow-up studies indicated that almost all the patients who were treated this way still felt increased emotional stability 1 year after the end of treatment.


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