Anger Management Programs

Anger Management Programs with LIFE psychologists aims to help you understand and let go of your anger by dealing with the causes and associated thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in a more effective way.

Anger may present in the forms of:

  • Mild irritation and frustration
  • Intense rage and violent outbursts – intense criticism, yelling or physical assaults.
  • Shutting down in order to protect others from your anger – ignoring, withdrawal or suppression

Anger Management Counselling at LIFE Psychology will work with you to provide you with insight into anger based situations, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and your consequent urges to act and react to anger. When working on your anger with a psychologist, counselling aims to reduce the power anger has over your life by providing important skills for letting go of the struggle with anger and enabling you to gain control over your life.

Anger Management Programs

Anger Management Program

Most people seeking anger management counselling with a psychologist at LIFE Psychology identify that their experience with anger is a problem or that their actions have the potential to be harmful. When working on anger management with a qualified psychologistcounselling can be a rewarding experience and the source of a substantially increased level of self awareness.You may wish to seek a psychologist or counselling in Sydney when:

  • You are feeling angry more frequently
  • You get angry over seemingly trivial matters
  • Anger is affecting your relationships
  • Anger is accompanied by verbal, emotional, physical or psychological abuse
  • Anger lasts for a long time after the triggering event
  • You are becoming anxious or depressed about your anger
  • You hold others responsible for your anger
  • People you know are concerned about your anger

At LIFE Psychology, our qualified psychologists aim to work with you to assist you let go of your struggle with anger, stress or anxiety and return to living a meaningful life with renewed vitality. When undergoing counselling at LIFE Psychology our psychologists in Parramatta aim to address your unique experiences with anger and apply current, scientifically researched methods.

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